In college my professors told me that the best teachers are the people who never stop learning. Great educators look for new ideas, work hard to adapt concepts for their classroom, and are continually talking with other teachers about what they can do to improve their practice. 

I started my blog many years ago with the intent to share resources, begin conversations, and make connections within the music education community.  It’s so rare that music teachers get to spend time with other music teachers to talk shop and borrow ideas. We need more chances to build connections and create relationships with our peers. 

I hope that the courses you find here encourage you, give you new ideas and techniques to use with students, and help you become an even better music educator.

"I really learned a lot, I am a beginner ukulele player and have been struggling on where to start. This helped me tremendously! I’m excited about learning to play and hoping to accompany my students when we do head back to the classroom! Thank you"

- Tonya from TX

Getting Started

We'll talk through how to pick out a ukulele for yourself and your students. You'll also see all the extras that you might want like tuners, capos, books, and more.

Lesson Ideas

I'll go through my process from Day 1 with playing technique, song ideas, classroom management, and content to use in your lessons. You'll see how I sequence lessons and the resources I use along the way.

Teaching Tips

Sometimes the most impactful things you learn at a workshop are the little tips and tricks along the way that make teaching easier. I'll share all my favorite tidbits at every step in the process.

Hi, I’m David

I love teaching music to kids! This school year marks my 11th full year as an educator in public schools. I make music with 500 brilliant, elementary school students on a daily basis at Prairie Ridge Elementary School in the DeSoto School District just outside of Kansas City.

I’m a Nebraska native and Midwesterner at heart. I graduated from Greenville College (IL) in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree and then went to the University of Missouri – Kansas City Conservatory where I earned my Master’s Degree studying Choral Conducting and Music Education (2011). 

I completed my Orff Schulwerk certification at Baker University in KS and I can’t say enough about how happy I am to have taken all three Orff levels and a master class! I recently completed an apprenticeship and am now an AOSA-approved Teacher Educator for Orff Schulwerk Pedagogy.